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Radical Pair Reaction Scheme

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New publication:

Readout of spin quantum beats in a charge-separated radical pair by pump-push spectroscopy

David Mims, Jonathan Herpich, Nikita Lukzen, Ulrich Steiner, and Christoph Lambert

Science 374 (2021) 1470–1474

What is Spin Chemistry?

Broadly defined, Spin Chemistry deals with the effects of electron and nuclear spins in particular, and magnetic interactions in general, on the rates and yields of chemical reactions. It is manifested as spin polarization in EPR and NMR spectra and the magnetic field dependence of chemical processes. Applications include studies of the mechanisms and kinetics of free radical and biradical reactions in solution, the energetics of photosynthetic electron transfer reactions, and various magnetokinetic effects, including possible biological effects of extremely low frequency and radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, the mechanisms by which animals can sense the Earth’s magnetic field for orientation and navigation, and the possibility of manipulating radical lifetimes so as to control the outcome of their reactions.
Spin Chemistry reviews:

The radical-pair mechanism of magnetoreception, P. J. Hore and H. Mouritsen, Annu. Rev. Biophys. 45 (2016) 299-344.

Magnetic field effects in chemical kinetics and related phenomena, U. E. Steiner and T. Ulrich, Chem. Rev. 89 (1989) 51-147. Reprint download. Reprint request.




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